Ugandans Resume Boat Cruises After MV Templar Tragedy

Ugandans Resume Boat Cruises After MV Templar Tragedy

By Ivan Mwine
Trust Ugandans; nothing can scare them from partying, not even death!

The latest news coming in from partying circles indicate that Ugandans have quickly forgotten the MV Templar tragedy that claimed over 32 lives of partiers  who had gone for a boat cruise.

As you read this, several Ugandans, prominent among them being songbird Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah, have since resumed going for boat cruises on Lake Victoria and other water bodies in the country.

Our Moles intimate that these very daring Ugandans, who often go for boat cruises without even wearing life jackets, often organise events like birthday parties, engagements, private kinky parties and other social events which usually come with lots of merrymaking and boozing.

Recently, Sheebah celebrated her birthday by taking her close friends and fans on a fun filled luxurious boat cruise, something that city socialite Faith Sophy Kiconco also did with her pal Hadassah Mukatangara and others.

Whereas these immunized Bazukulu  are verily enjoying themselves, it should be noted that Uganda’s murky waters have swallowed many sailors, especially partiers.

It should be recalled that the MV Templar water accident occurred when the vessel that had been hired by partiers who included Prince David Wasajja, singer  Iryn Namubiru,  businessman Michael Kaddu and many others capsized on its way to Mutima beach on lake Victoria.

By the time the police and other rescuers reached the scene over 32 people who had gone for an all-white boat cruise party bad drowned, including the owner of the boat Mike Bisase aka Templar and his wife Sheila Bisase.

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