Uganda’s 204 Kg Rolex Makes It To The Guinness Book Of Records

Uganda’s 204 Kg Rolex Makes It To The Guinness Book Of Records

By Simon Abaho

A locally made Ugandan rolex that weighs up to 204.6kg (451 lb) has set a new Guinness World Record, as the largest Ugandan rolex in the world.

According to the video posted online by the Guinness World Records; a global authority on record breaking achievements since 1955, the record breaking video was prepared by a team over 10 locals.

The huge-sized street food also required a gigantic cooking equipment to come out perfectly, according to the video.

Unlike elsewhere where a rolex could mean a watch, rolex in Uganda means something different, it is a snack.

It is a popular street food, a chapatti that is rolled with a fried egg and sometimes vegetables.

The delicacy goes for about shs 1, 500 on roadside food vending points in Kampala and its suburbs. It could however go for shs 6, 000 in some of the fast food joints in the city and across the country.

In 2016, the CNN reported that the rolex was becoming the fastest growing new African fast food.

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) also added the rolex to the list of tourism products in the country.

It has since then been promoted as a national meal identifier for Uganda.

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