UMA Announces New Election Date For President After Failed First Attempt

UMA Announces New Election Date For President After Failed First Attempt

By Ivan Mwine


The Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has announced a new election date for the association’s president after a first attempt on June 6th, 2022 that miserably failed.

The electronic UMA presidential elections which were held on June 6th  flopped badly after the two  leading contenders Mansoor Semanda aka King Saha and Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy failed to agree upon the way the exercise was being conducted.

King Saha went out of his cool and pulled out of the election, accusing Cindy and UMA officials of allegedly indulging in electoral malpractices.

Through his lawyer Kampala Lord Mayor Hajj Elias Lukwago,  King Saha vowed to sue Cindy and  UMA if they went ahead and announced her as the president of the association.

Following the flopped first exercise, we have established that UMA has since announced June 28th, 2022 as the date for election of the new association president.

Statement from UMA about the new election date

However, although King Saha accused the UMA management of engaging in electoral malpractice reason why he pulled out of the exercise, they (UMA) claim the election was halted then as a result of technical glitches faced by the National Information and Technology Authority (NITA), the government entity that was authorise to handle the electronic exercise .

According to a statement from UMA, we have also learnt that the Association has since decided to abandon electronic voting and opted for secret ballot paper casting in a bid to make the exercise more fair and transparent.

“Following guidance from the UMA Policy Board, I have decided to organise the polls in the next two weeks so that the organisation doesn’t continue any longer without leadership,” Geoffrey Ekongot, the Chairman UMA Electoral Committee said in the statement.

On her part, Sophie Gombya, the Vice Chairperson UMA Police Board said that;  “Due to the high cost of organising country-wide elections, we have decided that our members  will come and vote from Kampala. It was a difficult decision to make considering the financial circumstance of some of our members, but it was the last option available.”

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