Unbelievable: Slay Queen Jaymie Kardash Renews Islamic Vows, Goes To Mecca For Umra  

Unbelievable: Slay Queen Jaymie Kardash Renews Islamic Vows, Goes To Mecca For Umra  

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Kampala slay queen Jamilah Mbabazi aka Jaymie Kardash seems to have decided to discard her old lifestyle and turn onto a new leaf.

This comes after Moles revealing that Mbabazi, who  has for a long time been known as a wild party animal, has since decided to renew her Islamic vows and return to the way of Allah.


To prove her resolution, we are told Mbabazi this year decided to fulfill the fifth Islamic pillar of making the pilgrimage to Mecca, although she did it for Umrah (visiting the holy  place).

Jaymie Kadarsh before she renewed her Islamic vows

She decided to make Umrah this week and following this great achievement in her life Mbabazi will from henceforth no longer be referred to as Slay Queen.

Jaymie Kardash has since discarded this kind of lifestyleMbabazi, who hails from a staunch Muslim family, has prior to renewing her vows been religious party who used to trot the globe on merrymaking sprees.

Mbabazi made headlines early this year after she was linked to city mogul Hashim Mulangwa, who has a long history of working as a banker and financial expert.

It is said that she was bragging about how some men buy expensive cars for side-dishes yet their wives drive cheap cars.

Moles intimate that Mulangwa silenced her by surprising his wife Sadiya Mulangwa with a sleek Mercedes Benz GLE worth Shs400M.


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