Unearthed: Fresh Details About Chameleone Visa Saga, Crashed Marriage With Daniella Emerge

Unearthed: Fresh Details About Chameleone Visa Saga, Crashed Marriage With Daniella Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated singer Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone, is a troubled man, although he keeps up appearances by often wearing a smiling face in public.

Chameleone’s baggage of problems, according to our Moles, is because his marriage with Daniel Atim is no longer a bed of roses for  both of them.

Marriage is no longer a bed of roses for Daniella and Jose Chameleone

Moles reveal that Daniella parted ways with Chameleone in 2019 after they developed irreconcilable woes, although they decided to keep their separation a top secret, for the sake of their kids and the singer’s image.

Daniella didn’t wish Chameleone a happy Valentine’s Day this year, it was instead their daughter Amani that did so

It is said that after she parted ways with Chameleone, Daniella managed to seek asylum in the USA, giving him an opportunity to travel to America under the auspices of reuniting with his family, although his Visa expired before the lockdown.

 Sources close to the singer reveal that he has been a heartbroken man for almost three years as he couldn’t  travel abroad to see his children  following the expiry of his Visa, plus  the limited access to Daniella he has nowadays.

The Moles contend that it is because of his being severely heartbroken that Chameleone’s line of music has since changed from his usual dancehall vibes to melancholic love songs like ‘Forever’ and ‘Kuuma Obwesigwa’, which both tell stories of a broken heart.

Daniella is enjoying a quiet, private life in America

It should be recalled that a few years back when she was still based in Uganda Daniella had reportedly filed divorce papers but she later lost interest in the divorce suit after a series of meetings with Chameleone’s parents and top religious leaders.

It was not long thereafter that Daniella decided to ‘officially estrange’ herself from Chameleone’s bed by relocating to America.

Meanwhile, we revealed on this website how Chameleone is stuck in Kampala because of  finding problems with securing a US Visa.

We have however since established that after relentless efforts and camping at the US embassy for weeks, Chameleone  managed to secure a Visa and he is slated to travel to Boston between June and July this year where he will be performing at a concert.

Moles reveal that after performing at the Boston concert Chameleone is expected to connect to Minneapolis, where Daniella lives with their kids.


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