Unearthed: Secrets Of  Juliana’s Rwandan Baby Daddy Habi  Finally Emerge

Unearthed: Secrets Of  Juliana’s Rwandan Baby Daddy Habi  Finally Emerge

By Ivan Mwine

The long-hidden secrets of songbird Juliana Kanyomozi’s baby daddy identified as Habi Moses have finally been unearthed by our Moles.

Habi, who ballooned Juliana around 2019, is a very elusive man, according to Moles, who tries as much as possible to avoid the limelight.

Juliana’s baby daddy Habi Moses in Kigali with daughter

However, Moles reveal that although he has a son with Juliana, Habi has another child, a daughter, from his past relationship.

According to Moles, Habi’s relationship with his baby mama however crumbled after she learnt about his offside romping with Juliana, something that left her devastated.

Juliana Kanyomozi looking so chic and yummy

As a result of their parting ways, Moles reveal that  Habi is raising his daughter in Kigali as a single father, although living contented because he knows he has a son in Uganda with  Juliana.

Juliana Kanyomozi has decided to keep Taj’s face a top secret

It is said that some time back when the Rwandan borders to Uganda were closed it became very difficult for Habi to travel to Kampala to check on Juliana but ever since they were reopened, he sneaks into town once in a while to check on her and Taj.

Photo collage of Habi playing with his daughter from when she was young to date

It is however not yet clear whether Habi has since hooked up another woman in Rwanda or decided to settle for long-distance love, whereby whenever he wants to bonk, he travels to Uganda to link up with Juliana.

Meanwhile, Juliana and Habi’s son Taj made two years old yesterday, although for reasons best known to her,  the singer has since decided to keep his face hidden from the public, as if she is trying to hide something.


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