Unearthed: What You Didn’t Know About Zari’s Toyboy Lover Shakib Cham

Unearthed: What You Didn’t Know About Zari’s Toyboy Lover Shakib Cham

By Ivan Mwine

On Wednesday May 18, 2022, we revealed on this website how South Africa based Ugandan socialite  Zari Hassan had hooked a new toyboy lover after dumping Sangoma G.K Choppa, also a Ugandan based in South Africa.

We also promised that we would come back with details about Zari’s new sweetheart and well, after some digging, our Moles have come up with some details.

Zari Hassan cuddling up with Shakib Cham

For starters, the lad has since been identified as Shakib Lutaaya, although he is popularly known as Shakib Cham.

Moles reveal that Shakib is based in Gauteng, South Africa, and it is where he hooked up with Zari, contrary to earlier reports that they met in Tanzania.

Actually, Moles reveal that they decided to go merrymaking in Tanzania since they couldn’t freely enjoy themselves in South Africa for fear of reproach from Sangoma Choppa, whom Zari dumped early this year.

Zari partying with Shakib and others in February this year

It is no wonder that while in Tanzania, they were filmed enjoying themselves in a very kinky manner, whereby she was seductively giving him a bum rub as she grooved on his lap.

Meanwhile, the Moles reveal that just like most of the men she dated over the past years, Shakib is also a Sangoma and he usually hangs out in the company of veteran Sangomas among them Shaffick Katumba, popularly known as Katsha da Bank.

Shakib is not known to be engaged is any straight-up line of business although just like his fellow Sangomas, he often chopping dime and flossing around with swanky rides.

Shakib Cham with Katsha Da Bank and a pal in South Africa

However, it is not yet clear whether Zari plans to move in with the lad or this is just one of the numerous flings she has enjoyed over time but Shakib is so serious with her that he has since updated his Facebook status to indicate that he is in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Choppa is said to be sulking ever since he was dumped by Zari following a fling that lasted only a few months.

Zari with G.K Choppa before she dumped him

We have also established that Zari, who has kids with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz although they separated, started enjoying Shakib’s Big Cassava around February this year and that she was juggling him with Choppa until she decided he was the best choice.

More details coming your way soon about this developing romantic  story.


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