UNEB To Finally Release 2020 PLE Results On Friday

UNEB To Finally Release 2020 PLE Results On Friday

By Simon Abaho

The 2020 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results will be released this Friday July 16, 2021, by the Minister for Education and Sports, Mama Janet K. Museveni, at State House, Entebbe.

According to Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) principal public relations officer, Jennifer Kalule Musamba, the scientific ceremony will be attended by a few invited guests.

Ms. Musamba said that; “The exercise will be conducted scientifically, in observance of the COVID- 19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS). Multiple media and communication channels, both conventional and social, will be utilized, with live broadcasts to ensure wide access to the public. It is expected to start at 11:00 Am.”

She added however that; “There are candidates who were supposed to sit their final exams in November 2020 like it has been happening, but due to the lockdown and the pandemic the timing had to change for all levels of education.”

How to get the Results.

About how candidates and their parents will access the results during the lockdown, Musamba said that “Candidates, parents and other interested parties may use the Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile telecom networks which will post the results of candidates on their mobile sets instantly. This will be done by typing PLE <Space> Full Index Number of the candidate, e.g. 003301/368 and send to 6600 on all mobile telecom networks.”

She revealed that for School Administrations, “Results will be uploaded on the examination centre portals to enable schools download the results as they are officially released. No hard copies of the results will be available at the UNEB offices for now, until a later date when conditions permit. When that time comes, UNEB will officially inform the District, Municipal and City Inspectors of Schools to collect the hard copies of the results from UNEB offices.”

A total of 749, 761 candidates from 14,300 Examination Centres registered for PLE in 2020. 53% (395,855) of the registered candidates were females while 47% (353,957) were males. 68.4% (513,091) were funded by government under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Program.

A total of 695,804 candidates from 13,475 centres (schools) registered for PLE in 2019. Of this number, 473,893 (68.2%) were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, and 221,912 (31.8%) of the candidates were Non-UPE.

A comparison of the numbers of 2019 to those of 2020 indicates that there has been an increase which has been attributed to the government programs towards the education.

Overall, the performance of the 2020 candidates is comparable to that of the previous year.

Unlike other years, this time round UNEB allowed students who were pregnant to sit for the exams, which had not happened in a decade, since most of the Pregnant girls used to be expelled and would not sit for the final exams.

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