Unveiled: Hot Lasses That Graduated From UCU School Of Business

Unveiled: Hot Lasses That Graduated From UCU School Of Business

By Ivan Mwine

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) on Friday held its 23rd Graduation Ceremony, during which students from various faculties graduated with bachelor’s degrees.

The ceremony, which was held under theme “Ebenezer thus for the Lord has brought us,” was a memorable  event that has since gone  down in history as a gathering for the highest number of  hot lasses.


As is our custom, we always find it imperative to acknowledge and appreciate beauty with brains, reason why today we unveil the hottest and sexiest lasses that graduated from UCU this year.

These are the dazzling belles that are set to bless the already blistering Ugandan economy with their beauty and brains:

Oh, what a gorgeous smile
She is ready to bless the world with her beauty and brains
She has a bright future ahead, thanks to her dazzling beauty
She must be proud of her sweet smile
Only the sky is the limit for such a brainy beauty
Woow…. this one is a real goddess, don’t you agree!
Her smile is so disarming, she will easily find a job
Guys’ if you’re single and searching, here is the best choice for you
Lecturers must have had a hard time not to harden whenever she smiled
Make her your Shubu Gwe Osilike, the rest will come automatically
Eh….all this Nyash !! This what they call being gifted by nature
Ooh…isn’t she so classy and sassy
They say Black is beauty and who are we to disagree?


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