Unveiled: Hottest Politicians Vying For Office In 2021 Election

Unveiled: Hottest Politicians Vying For Office In 2021 Election


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

Although physical looks are not what most voters look for before choosing whom to vote for, political strategists will tell you that a candidate’s image is important to voters and it pays to look your best on your campaign posters.

During elections candidates use every chance to amplify their strong qualities and downplay their weakness.


Smart candidates know that even frivolous things like portraying themselves as more youthful and being more physically appealing will enhance how voters see then.

In fact, it’s not unusual to find people who insist they vote for this or that candidate because to them they look approachable and confident.

It  is for that reason that ExposedUganda.com has decided to unveil for you the hottest and sexiest politicians in the 2021 race, who are already putting smiles on the faces of their male voters.

Agnes Kirabo


Nyamutoro Phiona NRM National Female Youth MP
Doreen Kembabazi National Female Youth MP
Ninsiima Immaculate
Mukankwaya Salim
Sayuni Mbikize
Fatuma Katembo
Olivia Mugabe
Shartsi Musherure Namatovu
Eunice Tworekirwe


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