UPDF Officer Lt. Col. Basaliza In Trouble For Grabbing Dead Brother’s Property, Condemns Widow & Orphans To Suffer Poverty

UPDF Officer Lt. Col. Basaliza In Trouble For Grabbing Dead Brother’s Property, Condemns Widow & Orphans To Suffer Poverty

By Mable Nakibuuka

Lt. Col. Carol Basaliza, a high ranking officer of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) is being accused by her family members of allegedly grabbing her late brother’s properties, leaving the widow and orphans to languish in poverty.

Lt. Col. Basaliza, is alleged to have grabbed the property that was left behind by her deceased brother Maj. Francis Kasaija, who died on February 11, 2018, leaving the widow identified as Binega Passi the orphans to suffer in abject poverty.

According to Binega, trouble started when Lt. Col. Basaliza acquired letters of administration for late Maj. Kasaija without the family’s consent, on February 11, 2018, the same date Kasaija died.

The estate Kasaija left behind that his sister has since grabbed includes land in Bakeebwa Village, Rwengaju Parish, Busoro Sub-county, Kabarole District, he was entitled to gratuity and pension from the UPDF and he was operating a savings account with Centenary Bank which Basaliza also took over.

Some of the documents pertaining to the matter

Besides that, she also went ahead and opened up a personal account on which she receives money from Maj. Kasaija’s UPDF Wazalendo SACCO savings and to date she has withdrawn over Shs3,000,000 without remitting the same to the family.

The family has since petitioned the High Court in Fort Portal, vide FPT-OB-CV-CS-No.243 of 2019 and Administration Cause No. 181 of 2018, praying the court to revoke Basaliza’s powers of attorney and letters of administration of Maj. Kasaija’s estate.

They aver that from the start, Basaliza did not convene a family meeting after acquiring the letters of administration and to date has never declared the contents therein or the exact inventory of Kasaija’s estate as required by the law.

Lt. Col. Basaliza has since been summoned to appear in court on February 22, 2021, when the case is scheduled for the final hearing, during which she is expected to defend herself.

Worse still, according to Binega is that the defendant turns hostile whenever she is asked about the matters pertaining to Maj. Kasaija’s estate.

They thus seek an order of revocation of letters of administration granted to Lt. Col. Basaliza, an order for accountability of the money withdrawn from the bank and any other relief deemed fit for ends of justice to meet.

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