Urban TV Star Nakitto Quits Slaying After Dropping Twins

Urban TV Star Nakitto Quits Slaying After Dropping Twins

By Ivan Mwine
Bummy city slay queen Effrance Nakitto, who is a presenter on Urban TV kissed her slaying days goodbye recently after she dropped twins.

Moles reveal that Nakitto, who has since become a Nalongo, is these days breastfeeding her gorgeous twins and no longer has time for the endless merrymaking she used to enjoy some time back.

However, many of her pals are still wondering who the lucky Salongo is, because she has since decided to keep him a top secret.

Bootylicious Efrance Nakitto before she got ballooned

But it should be noted that besides the twins, Nalongo Nakitto has tots from her past relationship; she now joins the league of celebrated Nalongos like Karitas Karisimbi, Judith Heard, Sheila Don Zella, among others.

Moles reveal that Nakitto has lived a very elusive love life over the years, whereby very few of her pals know about her baby daddy or daddies, not even the Salongo who ballooned her this time.

Gorgeous TV star Nakitto slaying

This is because whereas she is now a mother of five beautiful tots, Nakitto still maintains that she is single, at least if her Facebook status is anything to go by.

Nakitto, who is also a popular city model, hosts the Rush Hour show with Miles Rwamiti on Urban TV although prior to that she was working with LTV.


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