Used & Dumped Leila Kayondo Stings Former Lover SK Mbuga In New Song

Used & Dumped Leila Kayondo Stings Former Lover SK Mbuga In New Song

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated songbird Leila Kayondo is not about to overcome the heartache she suffered at the hands of former lover socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga.

A few days ago we revealed how it occurred that although most people thought Mbuga and Leila had separated, it turned out that he had all along been bonking her and paying her well for services.

It was until Mbuga stood Leila up to enjoy a night with his wife Jalia Mbuga that she (Leila) got so annoyed that she took to social media and not only exposed their secret rendezvous but also assured him never to step at her ‘Muzigo’ again.

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Well, although  he later reportedly compensated her for the troubles he made her suffer, it seems Leila is not about to get over Mbuga and she has since stung him in a new song dubbed ‘Singa Namanya’.

Leila Kayondo’s social media rant about SK Mbuga

Literary translated to mean ‘I wish I had known’, Leila laments in her new song of how she suffered a lot at her lover’s hands and that had she known who he is, she wouldn’t have accepted to fall for him.

Leila’s new song is a very sad ballad in which she cries out her heart and soul, regretting why she went in for someone who would break her heart.

Moles reveal that Leila has so far dropped the audio for video and is currently working on shooting the video, which of course we are eagerly waiting for.

So just watch this space for updates!

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