Vampino Resorts To Strippers To Forget Ex-Lover Owori’s Stress While In Exile

Vampino Resorts To Strippers To Forget Ex-Lover Owori’s Stress While In Exile

By Ivan Mwine

Dancehall star Elvis Kirya aka Vampino has since resorted to enjoying life with strippers, after his disastrous relationsip with Suzan Owori, the younger sister of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) coordinator Sylvia Owori.

Moles reveal that Vampino is currently abroad, where he went to cool off the stress he suffered at the hands of Owori, who is the mother of his son.

According to sources, trouble between Vampino and Owori erupted after she refused to grant him custody of their son and instead preferred to claim that he was sired by another man.

Vampino’s live-in lover Lydia Namakula

Vampino’s chances to secure custody of his son dwindled even further after Suzan’s elder sister Sylvia Owori got involved in the matter and reportedly, while using the influence of a powerful army General, gave the singer marching orders and assured him never to disturb her little sister again.

It is said that Vampino tried to take the legal path in a bid to secure child custody but the stumbling blocks he met along the way forced him to chill out on the matter.

But Moles intimate that despite having lost the child custody battle, Vampino’s adversaries didn’t stop sending him threats and assuring him to stay farther away from Suzan, reason why he decided to flee into self-exile in Sweden, where he has since resorted to enjoying the warmth of strippers.

Suzan Owori with celebrated singer Akon

It should be noted that the same Suzan is also said to have dropped a tot for US based Senegalese singer Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam aka Akon, whom she met when he flew to Uganda in 2008 to perform, although he has never acknowledged paternity of her kid.

However, Vampino is said to be in a relationship with a babe identified as Lydia Namakula, whom he hooked up after separating with Suzan.

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