Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Gets Released

Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Gets Released

By Simon Abaho

The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga who was arrested on September 2 by security operatives on allegations of espionage and working in the country illegally was released yesterday.

Muganga and his personal assistant, whose identity remains unconfirmed, were brutally arrested in broad daylight at the facility’s main building.

Amateur video shared on social media showed plain-clothes gunmen forcing Muganga into a drone, a van which is mostly associated with abductions of government opponents.

Dr Muganga Speaking With His Boss Rajiv after the Release

A joint security team from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Police Crime Intelligence Directorate accused Muganga of holding a foreign passport and working in Uganda illegally.

However, commentators on social media suggested that the academic scholar had been taken because he is seen as being close to the military intelligence service of Rwanda.

Muganga has acted as a spokesman for a section of the community in the country and his copy of national ID has been making rounds on social media shortly after his arrest.

Many Ugandans belong to the Banyarwanda community and have lived freely in the country for generations, including before the drawing of colonial borders.

In a video posted on Social Media late at night after his release, Muganga thanked Ugandans for standing with him during the difficult time.

Blasts security

CCTV footage released by Victoria University management on Friday indicated not less than eight plain-clothed security operatives arrest Muganga from his office but also manhandled Constable Barbara Nagudi, the female Counter Terrorism police officer attached to him.

Members of the public, especially on social media have since condemned security for the manner the arrest was carried out but also manhandling their comrade in arms.

Speaking shortly after his release, Dr.Muganga joined the other Ugandans in blasting security on how the arrest was made.

“She is quite an amazing person trying to do her job. You are 10 people, see someone well dressed in her uniform and you choose to fight her! If there is, these people should be subjected to training,” Dr.Muganga said in attacks aimed at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

He however said he was happy with the way the counter-terrorism police officer protected her during the scuffle of the arrest.

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