Video: Ex-Vice President Bukenya Wantonly Spanks Kapa Cat As They Dance Dirty

Video: Ex-Vice President Bukenya Wantonly Spanks Kapa Cat As They Dance Dirty

By Ivan Mwine

If there is anyone enjoying life without fear or favour to anyone, then it is former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya.
The learned professor, who has a penchant for partying with young, juicy babes despite his age,  has again done what he does best; party wildly.

Moles reveal that Bukenya was over the weekend filmed dirty-dancing with randy Ugandan singer Catherine Tumusiime aka Kapa Cat.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya feeling Kapa Cat’s bum

According to Moles, Bukenya, who had organized a private party at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel, was filmed wantonly spanking Kapa Cat’s bum as she rubbed her  Pum-Pum on his big Cassava!

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Bukenya, who is a legendary ‘Muzinyi’ (Dancer) sparked off ululations from the audience that cheered him on as he ruba-dubbed Kapa Cat, who was bending over as they grooved.

It should however be noted that Bukenya is no stranger to such kinky partying, because he has been enjoying such wild merrymaking for a long time, to the extent that his former wife Dr. Margaret Bukenya divorced him over the same.

Mesmerised Bukenya enjoys Kapa Cat rubbing her Pum-pum on his Cassava

It should be noted that Bukenya used to enjoy such  kinky parties some time back, during which he would be treated to private entertainment by celebrities like Sharon O, Spice Diana, Desire Luzinda, Iryn Namubiru, Sheilah Nvanungi, Karole Kasita,  Zari Hassan, to mention but a few.

He however made headlines a few years back after a man identified Emmanuel Nyabayangu, a former driver, accused him of eloping with his wife identified as Margaret Kabasinguza, whom he even produced a child with.  

Prior to that, Bukenya had made headlines after he was accused of allegedly committing adultery with a married woman identified as Jamila Nakku, who was a private secretary in the Office of the President.

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