Video: Fans Attack Winnie Nwagi For Dressing  Indecently On Eid Day

Video: Fans Attack Winnie Nwagi For Dressing  Indecently On Eid Day

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan diva Winnie Nwagi who is signed to Swangz Avenue has come under attack by fans on social, who are trolling her for dressing very indecently as she performed on Eid Day.

It should be noted that Eid Day (Monday) Nwagi performed at three venues among them Jahaz Pier, where she had been hired to entertain Muslims and other partiers.

However, Nwagi choice of costume enraged many partiers, especially Muslims and other morally upright Ugandans, who considered it rather very indecent and have since taken to social media to attack her.

Winnie Nwagi performing on Eid Day

Here are some of the comments from fans who are unhappy about Nwagi’s indecent exposure;

At Atwooki Christina: Naaye Winnie, it was iddi day couldn’t u cover up alittle bit just for that one day

Sewatti Edwin Brandon: #Gundi okadiye kyuusa mu nyambala. You can still remain a star when you put on some good ndabada clothes

Nakibuule Gorret: But on Eid you dressed like that sweetie ba hajji nobasibulula bona

Alicia Abigail: Naye this ladies sheebah and this Nwagi bakyala mwe it’s too much muswaleko namwe

Robert Kiggundu: Does she have parents? Dies she have children? My sympathies.

Paul Akalyamaggwa: Ur the only thing why i hate attending Ugandan shows

Fans are not happy with bootylicious singer Winnie Nwagi’s costume

Turyahabwe Charly Memba: I hate musicians of these days, so because your music is not good to attract people now you decided to show your naked in public then after you demand respect gasiya

Embrial Bera Groria: Winnie Nwangi I love ur music so much dia but some times you guys put on clothes which won’t make you feel confable on the stage entertaining people coz now look at ur boobs ur were bending they were like can we come out our boss coz u didn’t dress us nicely buhh l love ur music dia we love you so much man

Sadq Muhammad: Allah was true wen he said tht shaitwans are released on tht day and i jst think ur one of them

Mwebaza Floreal: Since my childhood i used to like big boobs 🤣 you know whenever i used to see those ladies on boreholes with their breasts jumping from north to south but Nara 🥺 ever since i saw Nwaji moving her big breasts like she doesn’t care what others think sikyayagara let me be with my small bubere

Nigiwan Timothy: Even though u show them the middle East, they will still cheat on you…hate u …and laugh at you… U better realize that your dignity as a lady is paramount

Peter Kiganda: Nwagi oli mukadde nyo!….. let your good music attract the fun but not coming naked on stage hopping your attracting them .

However, there are others who  have no problem with Nwagi’s dress code and here is what they had to say;

Penzah Muusah: Winnie Nwaji wange. Even if you are insulted or provoked how many times nze u r still my best and I like that confidence just keep the 🔥 blazing higher like #mt Sinai# my 🔥bby

Tridah Donal: Dressing code for what wama Winnie even come naked dats wat we love and if you hate the dressing code just listen 2 her audio’s or drink rat poison and don’t come to her concerts

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