Video: NBS TV Zahara Reunites With Ex-bonkmate After Bitter Split With Nigerian Lover

Video: NBS TV Zahara Reunites With Ex-bonkmate After Bitter Split With Nigerian Lover

By Our Reporter

Randy NBS TV star Zahara Totto, who hosts the ‘UnCut’ show, has reunited with her former bunkmate only identified as Robert Reuben, with whom he has a tot, shortly after splitting with her Nigerian lover Tony Taban Sluleman aka Papa Don Solo.

Social media has been awash with stories of Zahara splitting bitterly with Don Solo, after accusing of cheating on her with several babes, although he also accused her of domestic violence and scalding him.
Zahara and Reuben snogging

However, our  Snoops reveal that following her bitter separation with Don Solo, Zahara has since resumed bonking marathons with Reuben, who is also one of her baby daddies.

Snoops reveal the new lover Reuben is currently enjoying all the good things she used to offer to the her now Nigerian ex-lover Don Solo.

The Nigerian boyfriend bought a BMW car for Zahara when they were still in love and later they broke up after she realized that his wallets had dried up.

It is reported that Zahara dumped Don Solo due to choking debts that had accumulated from different bars, on top of cheating on her.

To add salt in the wound, the car that he had gifted her with was impounded by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) operatives after discovering that it was stolen from DRC.

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back and Zahara ended the fling. However just after a month of their split she  reunited with Rauben.

Reuben and Zahara were common faces at  city hang out  La Paronis before it was closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where they were often seen smooching openly and could not get hands off each other.

We hear Reuben is currently soothing Zahara’s heartache and showering her with all the romance he can muster in this world.

As if to prove  their passionate reunion, Zahara on Friday posted a video of them romancing in back of a vehicle on her Instagram account.

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