Videos: Socialite Namulindwa Parties Wet n Wild In Zanzibar

Videos: Socialite Namulindwa Parties Wet n Wild In Zanzibar

By Ivan Mwine

Whereas most Ugandans are crying about things like increased fuel and commodity prices, inflation, etc there are those who have lots of dime that they are looking for ways to spend it and one of them is socialite Gloria Namulindwa.

Gorgeous Gloria Namulindwa enjoying a herbal bathe

Actually, while to most Ugandans getting money is a problem, for Namulindwa, who is popularly known as Iam_Lindwa, spending the lots of money at her disposal is her biggest problem.

Our Moles reveal that Namulindwa, who is Ras B Ssali’s wife, is currently in Zanzibar, where she is chopping money without fear or favour to anyone.

Actually, our Moles have since landed on snaps and videos that Namulindwa shared on her social media platforms in which she is seen enjoying life to the fullest at a resort hotel.

In one of the clips Namulindwa is seen enjoying what is popularly known as ‘floating breakfast’, which was served to her as she cooled down in a swimming pool.

Namulindwa enjoying a sumptuous sailing breakfast

Namulindwa, who is the proprietor of Glona Boutique,  is one of Uganda’s renowned travellers who has visited almost all known party destinations in the world. Thanks to her very busy partying schedule, Namulindwa is rarely at her boutique  which mainly deals in shoes and handbags, so it is being managed by her assistant.

Gloria Namulindwa flaunts her curves

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