Vinka Sends Tongues Wagging After ‘Growing COVID-19 Booty’

Vinka Sends Tongues Wagging After ‘Growing COVID-19 Booty’


By Mable Nakibuuka


Songbird Veronica Lugya aka Vinka has left many of her fans with raised eyebrows and wagging tongues after she miraculously grew a very attractive booty, at a time when almost everyone is thinning due to the COVID-19 ‘Kayasi’.

Vinka, who is signed to Muyenga based Swangz Avenue music label, sparked off uproar on the internet this week after she shared pictures on Instagram in which she is seen wagging her rather juicy booty, which appears to be bigger that what many of her fans have been seeing on her behind.

Many of Vinka’s fans who appreciate the complete metamorphosis that her behind quarters underwent have since started referring to Vinka’s derriere as the ‘COVID-19 Booty’.

Vinka’s booty was not so big a few months ago

It should be noted that Vinka, who is known for songs like ‘Gudi Gudi’, ‘Love Panic’, ‘Okikola Otya’, ‘Chips Na Ketchup’, ‘Mapozi’ and others,  has always been known to be a slim-bodied sexy babe with a pencil-thin figure and almost flat behind.

Vinka had a slim body but nowadays she spots a big bum

However, her new bummy look has left many of Vinka’s fans wondering how she did it, to grow a soupy bum in such a very short time.

Over to you Vinka, wamma don’t tell them your secret!

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