Vocalist Kenneth Mugabi Unveils  New Album ‘People Of The Land’

Vocalist Kenneth Mugabi Unveils  New Album ‘People Of The Land’

By Ivan Mwine

Janzi award winner Kenneth Mugabi, who is arguably Uganda’s most talented vocalist, has released his much-acclaimed album titled ‘People Of The Land’, which features a whole 24 tracks.

 Mugabi’s new album  ‘People Of The Land’, which is an epic production from Black Market Records, is a compilation of soothing ballads that come with a blend of sensational acoustic vibes.


Click Link To Access Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqPz_OxuCUQ

‘People Of The Land’ album, which premiered via Black Market Records, features the following track listing;

‘People of the Land’, ‘Muvubuka’, ‘Asiya’, ‘Enjovu’, ‘Ankuba’, ‘Awuununa’, ‘Akanamba’, ‘Under Wraps’, ‘Munha’, ‘Consumed’, ‘Ntesa’,  ‘Ukabila’,  ‘Cinderella’, ‘Mbe’, ‘Sembez’abato’, ‘She said Yes’, ‘She said Yes’ ft GNL Zamba, ‘Wamanyiza’, ‘Take me Back’, ‘Nsaba Kuddila’,  ‘Lundaganya’, ‘Fire and water’, ‘Syllables’ and ‘Ensi Ensuubize’.

The album, which attracted several live views on YouTube shortly after its premier, is also streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Mdundo, Amazon Music, iTunes, deezer and other digital platforms.

An addition on Mugabi’s already long catalogue of songs, ‘People Of The Land’ is a project that is bound to take the singer several places this year.

Showing all indications of being a huge success, ‘ People Of The Land’ is a project that comes on the heels of Mugabi’s other album ‘Kibun’omu’ which he released six months ago and is performing well on the airwaves.


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