War Breaks Out In Museveni Camp Over Money As Balaam, Bebe Cool  Beef Worsens

War Breaks Out In Museveni Camp Over Money As Balaam, Bebe Cool  Beef Worsens


By  Mable Nakibuuka


There is  very bitter war that is raging on in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s camp, over money, which is mean to facilitate all those on his campaign trail.

Intelligence  coming in from our Moles indicate that whereas many people thought that they would reap big (in form of money) by being part of President Museveni’s campaigns, they are currently wallowing in a sea of disappointments, after  failing to receive money they expected.


Insiders within the NRM camp reveal that several on Museveni’s campaign team among them singers Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, Big Eye and others like Balaam Barugahara, plus several journalists who are part of Museveni’s campaign trail are crying foul after not receiving the payment they were promised while leaving Kampala a few weeks go to start the campaigns.

We have since established that when going before Museveni’s campaigns, different people were assigned  separate roles to play, whereby  there are four faction.

The faction include that of Bebe Cool and Kusasira who   secured a deal for the ‘Silent Majority’ and ‘Secure Your Future’ drives, Balaam, Dona Wanyama, Frank Tumwebaze and Justine Kasule Lumumba are pushing the ‘Sevolution’  drive.

However, our Moles reveal that members of both camps are beefing and bitterly competing for the meagre resources that are available, because Museveni hasn’t released any money so far.

Moles reveal that whereas those on the campaign trail were promised heaven on earth, many of them are crying foul  because ever since the campaign trail started they have been facilitating themselves and a few who  managed to receive some little money are disgruntled after they received only Shs150,000 and this was received only by those directly under State House, while others haven’t received a coin to date.

Besides the Bebe Cool and Balaam teams, there are also teams lead by Odrek Rwabwogo, MP Emmanuel Dombo and another one that sits at the Hub in Ntinda, which mainly runs the NRM online campaigns, although these ones are also crying foul.

All these teams are fighting for the little money available so far, as they hungrily wait for more and we hear that after waiting for money in vain, some of the teams have since decided return to Kampala to reduce on the frustration.

The problem, according to our Moles, is that many of these Museveni campaign agents invested a lot of their own resources with hopes that they would reap big when Museveni released the campaign cash but it seems the NRM presidential candidate is not yielding to their wishes, something that has left many of them disgruntled.



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