Weasel Furious With Chike For Singing Goodlyfe’s ‘Breath Away’ Without Permission

Weasel Furious With Chike For Singing Goodlyfe’s ‘Breath Away’ Without Permission

By Ivan Mwine

Surviving Goodlyfe singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel is so furious with Nigerian  musician Ezekpeazu Osebuka aka Chike for performing ‘Breath Away’, a song he (Weasel) originally sang with his fallen partner Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio.

Trouble for Chike started when he showed up at Serena Hotel where he had been hired to stage a show dubbed ‘A Night With Chike’, which also featured several other Ugandan artistes, although Weasel was amongst them.


To the surprise of many revellers, the moment Chike got on stage, instead of performing his songs, he kicked  off his performance by  singing ‘Breath Away’, a song which Radio and Weasel outed in 2014.

However, although many of the revellers sung along with him believing he was doing so to honour the fallen  talented  Ugandan artiste, Weasel got so infuriated  and since he had no other avenue of venting out his anger, he took to social media and ranted thus;

“Ugandan Events Organisers, Why do you invite international Artists to come and perform our own songs without consulting us? WTF Lwaki mutujjoo nyoo man?”

Nigerian star Chike performing at Serena Hotel

However, it is not yet clear why the organisers of the event, among them Serena Hotel, NTV, Radio City and others allowed Chike to perform the Goodlyfe song without express consent  from Weasel as the surviving member  of the singing duo and they are yet to  issue a statement responding to his complaint.


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