Weasel Grassing, Puts  Unfinished Mansion On Sale To Raise Money

Weasel Grassing, Puts Unfinished Mansion On Sale To Raise Money


By Exposed Uganda

It looks like Goodlyfe crew surviving singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasal Manizo has given up on his dream of owning a mansion along the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe.

Reports coming in from our Moles reveal that Weasal has put his incomplete shell house and land on sale, in a bid to raise some money from the structure after failing to complete it.

Part of Weasal’s incomplete mansion

It should be noted that Weasal and his demised singing partner Mowzey Radio had bought land in Katabi-Busambaga, where they were building their retirement dream mansions. But ever since Radio died in 2018 works on both projects have since stalled.

The land Weasal is selling is next to fallen singer Radio’s stalled unfinished beach house in the same neighbourhood.

We have learnt that Weasal has since dispatched Entebbe based real estate brokers to get for him a buyer for his land and the incomplete house at Shs700m.

Meanwhile, we wonder whether the family of the late singer is aware about this since the houses are neighbouring each other.

Mowzey Radio (RIP) and Weasal

It is also revealed that the two former best buddies had bought plots of land in Busabala neighbouring each other although these have since turned into bushes infested with wild animals and snakes since no developments have ever been undertaken on the said land.

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