Weasel In Trouble For Clobbering  Rwandan Baby Mama Teta, Forcing Her To Cover  Up Domestic Violence

Weasel In Trouble For Clobbering  Rwandan Baby Mama Teta, Forcing Her To Cover  Up Domestic Violence

By Ivan Mwine

Popular musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, who is brother to musicians Jose Chameleone and Pallaso, has landed  in hot soup for allegedly clobbering his baby mama Sandra Teta and forcing her to cover up the brutal domestic violence.

The news is awash with photos of Teta with a bruised  and swollen face, with others of Weasel seemingly arguing, with two kids (his  tots with Teta) in the foreground.

Weasel and Sandra Teta during their romantic moments some time back

Information from our Moles indicates that the scuffle happened at Nomad’s Bar in Ggaba, where Weasel reportedly followed Teta, after she had left home without informing him where she was going.

Moles reveal that on learning where she was, Weasel stormed Nomad’s bar with the kids and found Teta with another dude, something that sparked off war between them, which ended with him severely battering her.

Sandra Teta: Before and after being clobbered

However, several hours  after battering her, Weasel, on realizing that he faces arrest over domestic violence, forced Teta write on her Snapchat that the injuries she has resulted from an  attack by thugs who waylaid her as she returned home.

She claimed they stole her phone, money worth Shs1.3M and other valuables.

However, in her message, which seems to have been  typed under duress, Teta didn’t reveal how she had suffered  the injuries and why the thugs would share photos  of her injured face on social  media after attacking her.

Weasel arguing as a his kids and the crowd look on

This is because it is very abnormal for thugs to take photos of their victims or to even have enough time to share them on social media.

It is for that reason that some sections of Ugandans, especially feminine rights activists, are calling upon Teta to report the matter to the Police’s Family and Child Protection Unit, because if she doesn’t do so she will be partly promoting domestic violence, a vice that is on the increase in Uganda nowadays.

Weasel and Sandra Teta’s kids being comforted

It should be noted that Weasel hooked up with Teta, who  is a former Miss Rwanda beauty queen ,  a few years back after he parted ways with his former baby mama Samira Tumusiime aka Samira Tumi, who also fled his home citing domestic violence.

Weasel with former lover Samira Tumi before they split

Watch this space for a list of all the women Weasel ha dated and why they all flee him due to his violence, excessive boozing and drug abuse.



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