Wedding Bells Roll For K-FM’s Nasasira,  DJ Jacob Omutuuze After Split With Naira Ali

Wedding Bells Roll For K-FM’s Nasasira, DJ Jacob Omutuuze After Split With Naira Ali

By Our Reporter

Veteran radio presenters Jacob Akuguzibwe aka Jacob Omutuuze of Dembe FM and Doreen Nasasira, of K-FM are ferociously enjoying themselves without fear or favour to anyone!

Actually, as you read this, the couple’s romping has reached the maturity stage and the two have since decided to go public about it.

We have learnt that the couple got engaged a few weeks ago and the two are currently planning a massive introduction ceremony, which will be quickly followed with a glamorous wedding.

DJ Jacob Omuutuze with Naira Ali during their heyday

Nasasira and Jacob are so inseparable  these days  and pals say they often spend  most  nights together, especially after  signing off their radio jobs.

This news however comes as a huge blow  to thousands of Nasasira’s  secret admirers and suitors who were religiously following her on K-FM, where she works as a Love Doctor and hosts a hook-up programme.

Despite being a love doctor, Nasasira has been braving loneliness for years ever since she  separated with her ex-lover only identified as Julius, who flew to the USA for kyeyo, after their relationship hit rocks.

It is said that the couple suffered misunderstandings as a result of Nasasira’s ‘Love Doctor’ job which Julius severally asked her to abandon because it deprived her of time for him but she refused.

On failing to reach an agreement, Julius decided to abandon Nasasira and he relocated to America, leaving her single and starved, thereby giving other men like Jacob an opportunity to submit their manifestos for her heart.

Well, we have it on good grounds now that she has since not only endorsed Jacob’s manifesto but also decided to grant him access to her whole self and he is nowadays enjoying her Goodies without anyone to stop him.

Jacob’s love life has however been shady over the years because he has been linked to several babes, among them being veteran radio host Bina Baibe, singer Naira Ali and others.

But he is also said to have parted ways with his baby mama only identified as Maria,  who he was dating some time back  before they developed misunderstandings over counter-accusations of unfaithfulness from both sides.

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