Wembley Mo Set To Retire From Professional Dancing

Wembley Mo Set To Retire From Professional Dancing


By Nellie Nakitende

In a bid to cast his nets wider, Moses Kyeyune  aka Wembley Mo, a professional dancer, a degree holder from Kyambogo University and founder of the Wembley Mo Foundation that teaches, empowers and trains street children, disadvantaged and orphaned children in dance, is set to retire from his profession.

Kyeyune, who grew up in Kajansi, had since childhood loved and wanted to take on dancing as a profession.


Even while in school, he never forgot how talented he was. His breakthrough came when he auditioned for Hot Steps in 2010 and even though he didn’t win, he got discovered by award winning artistes Eddy Kenzo and Tip Swizzy. Since then he has never looked back.

This week ExposedUganda.com had a one-on-one moment with the professional dancer at his foundation in Makindye, where he revealed some about him.

Wembley Mo says that at the time he joined the Big Talent team, professional dancing wasn’t something Ugandans looked at as a profession but since he wasn’t deterred by that, he pursued his career on.

“I kept on pushing and later decided to record a dance video so I invited kids all from over Uganda who were interested in dancing with me, Webley Mo said.

He added that the huge turn up of kid dancers overwhelmed him so much that he and others on his team decided to hire a school and shoot the ‘Kakiima’ dance video which was well received by Ugandans.

With all the success he has achieved, chief among which beong the foundation that houses over 200 children between the ages of 3 to 18 years, Wembley Mo feels it’s time for him to retire.

“There are moves I make on stage or even while training and I feel my bones snap or even getting injuries. I have trained kids that will keep my candle burning. I will settle and concentrate on training and teaching these children the skills and techniques I have acquired over the years as a dancer,’ he said.

Wembley Mo has worked with different artistes like Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fameica, Tip Swizzy, Spice Diana, French Montana and so many others.

He has also moulded kid dancers like The Ghetto Kids, the Hyperz, rappers like Fresh Kid and Kapiripiti among others. These have changed the concept about talent promotion in children as many parents are now tuned in the direction of talent development in their children.

As he retires from professional dance, Wembley Mo never forgets the people who saw the talent in him and promoted it even without knowing him on a personal level. He said he will forever be indebted to Kenzo and the Big Talent team who took him as a back-up dancer, plus Fik Fameica and Tip Sweezy.

“Our government should incorporate music dance and drama in the curriculum because most of the children have talents that are never exploited yet these talents could or can be the same thing that puts food on their tables or change the economy of our country,’ he concluded.


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