‘What I Do With My Vag*** Is None Of Your Business’-Kenyan Socialite Huddah Roars…

‘What I Do With My Vag*** Is None Of Your Business’-Kenyan Socialite Huddah Roars…

By Kwame  Ismail Nkurunziza

Wannabe celebrities want the spotlight to be shone on them and will go an extra mile to get just that but at the same time, they want a bit of privacy too.

That is what one obsessed fan learnt recently when he tried to ask Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe extremely personal questions.


Huddah Monroe, who is known for sharing kinky snaps on her social media platforms, seemed not to be in the mood to divulge more when a fan asked about her personal life.

In a recent question and answer session with a fan, she was asked if there is truth to the rumours that she used to engage in being an escort.

Huddah Monroe says her Vag*na is her business

Huddah, perhaps irritated by the insensitive question, snapped back by writing that what she does with her private parts is none of anyone’s business.

Not deterred by her straight-forward and cold answer, the fan went ahead and asked another personal question about rumours swirling around that she might be expecting.

The light-skinned socialite, who has in the past been accused of glamorizing prostitution, tried to dodge the question.

It should be remembered that last year, she sparked off controversy after she admitted that in her early twenties, she was a one-night stand addict.

In a series of jaw-dropping Insta Stories, she wrote; “There is a time at 21, I was a one-night stand addict. I never slept with a ni**a twice! Never exchange numbers and if you see me in public, pass me like we never met or I will embarrass you. Oh good old days. I’m almost 30 now! So many things disgust me now!”

In another post, she added, “I know [if] my husband is watching this. The Best woman to marry is me! Madam Alhudah. Let me blow my own trumpet! I have seen it all! I am ready to be the mother of your five kids.”

The question on the lips of her overzealous fans is; could Huddah be pregnant?


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