What Nabatanzi Is Missing: Tycoon Lwasa  Starts Chopping Money With New Catch Kwakunda

What Nabatanzi Is Missing: Tycoon Lwasa  Starts Chopping Money With New Catch Kwakunda

By Mable Nakibuuka

Flashy city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa, who recently separated with TV star Dianah Nabatanzi, has started showing her what she is missing ever since he hooked himself a new babe identified as Angel Kwakunda.

Lwasa, as you know, is good at chopping money with babes and he is already enjoying it without fear or favour to anybody.


Moles reveal that Lwasa over the weekend was spotted at Yaya Restaurant with Kwakunda, where they were feasting on  a whole grilled fish with roasted bananas and Kachumbali, which they smashed down in record time and even kissed the bones!

Emmanuel Lwasa and Angel Kwakunda after smashing the fish

Indeed pals intimate that Lwasa has since opened a boutique in Kampala which also houses a modern saloon.  So when they are not chopping money she is always busy attending to customers at her shop.

Kwakunda and Lwsa held a massive Kwanjula a few days ago during which she introduced him as the love of her life before her parents, relatives, friends and special guests.

Lwasa and new bride Angel (L) right is Dianah Nabatanzi

Celebrated singer Cathering Kusasira was one of the several big-name musicians that performed at the function.

Before hooking up Kwakunda, Lwasa  was chopping money with TV star Nabatanzi, although he decided to boot her after realising that she was not willing to give him a child, something that his new lover is very willing to do.


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