WhatsApp Upgrades, Set To Introduce  New Features

WhatsApp Upgrades, Set To Introduce  New Features


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi


WhatsApp is without doubt the world’s most popular messaging app with over 2 billion users around the globe, 1.6 billion of them using the app on monthly basis.

With that huge number of users and growing competition from Telegram and WeChat among others, the Facebook-owned application keeps on introducing new features and improving the overall performance and user interface to stay ahead of the messaging game.

News reaching our tech desk indicates that WhatsApp is working to enable users to set a different wallpaper for each chat from a collection of 32 new bright and 29 new dark wallpapers, a custom wallpaper, and solid colours.

With this new update, users can also edit the opacity of the wallpapers, as well as brighten or dim them.

Additionally, they can apply the WhatsApp Doodle as overlay if they choose to set a solid colour as the new wallpaper.

Another feature WhatsApp is developing for the future update is one that will allow users to mute videos before sending them to a contact or setting it as a status update. These features are being tested for Android users.

For iOS users, WhatsApp is working to replace “Archived Chats” with a new feature called “Read Later.” This feature will keep all archived chats in the archive, even when new messages arrive.

Users are not required to mute chats for this, as they will not receive any notifications when a chat is in “Read Later.” Any archived chat will always stay in users’ archive even if they are not muted.

The Read Later cell will be always visible in users’ chat list, and it will have the Edit button, which will enable users to select more chats at once to “unarchive” them, and to change how archived chats work.

Users can also decide to disable the Vacation mode included in “Read Later” and enable Move Chats in Read Later.

You will only have to update your app to get these new features.

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