Why Queen Sheebah Cannot Name Man Who Raped Her

Why Queen Sheebah Cannot Name Man Who Raped Her

By Ivan Mwine

New details about singer Sheebah Karungi’s rape saga have been unearthed by our Moles and they are very shocking.

It should be noted that Sheebah recently came out and confessed in a video she shared on social media that she had been sexually assaulted by an old man at whose function she had been hired to perform.


A distraught Sheebah, who was speaking on the verge of shedding tears, painfully narrated the ordeal she went through, revealing that the said rapist committed the act under the protection of his armed bodyguards.

The matter has since attracted the attention of several powerful individuals in the country, among them veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda who at first had been pointed at as a suspect, although he came  out and vehemently denied the allegations.

Sheebah insists her dress code is no invitation for rapists

Actually, Mwenda, according to Moles, went ahead to try and contact Sheebah such that she can name the rapist such that he can be brought to book.

Several other human rights activists who are sympathizing with Sheebah have also come out to beseech her to reveal the rapist, such that the pervert can be exposed in a bid to save other women who might fall victim to his raging libido.

However, Moles reveal that much as Sheebah would want to name the rapist, she cannot dare do so.

This is mainly because rapists usually threaten their victims with dire consequences should they dare expose them.

The singer has since resorted to defending her dress code

Moles also reveal that Sheebah knows exactly how powerful the rapist is and that even if she exposes or files a case against him at police nothing can be done to him because of the power and wealth he wields in the country.

It is for that reason, according to Moles, that all Sheebah can stop at is complaining about the rapist but she cannot risk her life by exposing his identity because that would literally be risking her neck.

So, all she has to do, is to cry over the rape saga and get over it, because Moles reveal that the rapist is alleged to be ‘He’ who cannot be named!

She has since resorted to defending her very kinky dress code, which she insists is not an invitation  for men to sexually assault her.


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