Winnie Nwagi Blasts Fans Attacking Her Over Nudity

Winnie Nwagi Blasts Fans Attacking Her Over Nudity

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated singer Winnie Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi is not happy with the way some Ugandans on social media are ridiculing her over her shameful dress code, which often leave her private parts not covered.

Apparently, Nwagi is being roasted by many of her fans on social media for dressing  indecently, whereby in most cases she makes it a point to expose whatever lies withing her nether region.

However, Nwagi’s kinky dress code and seductive moves have since attracted untold reproach from her fans, whereby many of them regard her as an object for pleasure.

Gorgeous Winnie Nwagi chillaxing

But in a bid to salvage her image, Nwagi has come out and barked at these fans who are giving her hard time, assuring them that they should respect her as an artiste.

“Fans should love and respect us the way we are. They need to stop insulting me on social media because I got fed up and depending on the way you reply to me on social media, is the same way I will respond,” Nwagi wrote on her social media platforms.

She added that; They should also stop scaring us. There’re those who come to our pages and begin to lecture us as if they are our aunts. No, you should stop it because we have our Ssenga’s in our homes. Instead, you should give those lectures to your daughters….”

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