Winnie Nwagi Reveals Why She Dates And Dumps Men

Winnie Nwagi Reveals Why She Dates And Dumps Men


By Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated Ugandan diva Winnie Nakanwagi popularly known as Nwagi has revealed why she is always dating and dumping men.

Nwagi, who is signed to Muyenga based record label Swangz Avenue, is  a mother of one, although she separated with the baby daddy several years ago.

Besides the baby daddy, Nwagi has been dating a number of men but none of them stayed around her long enough to call it a relationship, since many of them have been just flings.

Winnie Nwagi’s post on Instagram

However, the singer has confessed that much as she loves being in relationships her worst fear is getting married, because she is not the marriage of wife material type.

“I love bein’ in a relationship but marriage is not for me … Weird huh? # #makeupfree!’ Nwagi wrote on her Instagram wall.

Her statement is a clear indication that no matter how many men would like to have her as a wife, Nwagi is simply not ready for marriage.

A few years back she was dating her live-in boyfriend identified as Joshua Rukundo but they bitterly split following a domestic brawl. She later linked a city socialite only identified as Stifler although pals say that was another short-lived fling.

Winnie Nwagi and some of her men; Chozen Blood, Joshua Rukundo and Stifler

She later lived solo for some time until early this year when word about her having hooked up fellow singer Chozen Blood started circulating.

Although Chozen Blood has admitted to some pals that they are dating, Nwagi has never come out to either deny or admit the allegations.

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