Woman Nabbed Smuggling Narcotics Worth Shs500M Inside Her Yoyo

Woman Nabbed Smuggling Narcotics Worth Shs500M Inside Her Yoyo

By Ivan Mwine

The aviation police in have in custody a suspect who was arrested on Monday trying to smuggle narcotics via Entebbe International Airport, which she had stuffed in her private parts.

According to the police, the suspect, identified as Carol Birungi, 26, was nabbed following a tip off from sniffer dogs and security operatives  manning the body scanners at the airport


On being intercepted and  searched, Birungi was found to have stuffed 90 pellets of heroine inside her private parts, which can fetch over Shs500M on the black market.

The heroin pellets that were found stuffed in Birungi’s Yoyo

On being interrogated, Birungi told the police that she had been forced to smuggle the drugs by some businessmen in Kampala and was on her way to Delhi, India to deliver the narcotics.

Birungi is currently in police custody as detective interrogate her to establish the source of the narcotics  with intent arrest them in Uganda before they continue perpetrating acts of smuggling narcotics in and out of the country.   

Birungi Carol was nabbed with 90 Pellets of heroin stuffed in her Yoyo

It should be noted that although cases of drug smuggling had become rampant at Entebbe Airport, they had reduced during the COVID-19 lockdown but security sources  reveal that the vice has since resumed.

The  police narcotics department and Interpol recorded 1,714 cases in 2020 compared to 2,750 cases in 2019.

Entebbe Airport, which is known to be a transit route for drug traffickers, in 2020 seized 41.9 kilograms valued at over Shs1.7 billion and in 2019 132 kilograms worth Shs4.5 billion were seized.

Police attribute the low numbers of smuggled drugs to travel restrictions following the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.


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