‘You Have No Right To Judge Me’-Desire Luzinda

‘You Have No Right To Judge Me’-Desire Luzinda

By Mable Nakibuuka 

Popular musician Desire Luzinda, who switched from singing secular music to gospels, has lashed out at her fans and followers by assuring them that no one has a right to judge her, since it is only God who reserves that right.


Desire’s outburst comes at a time when many people have been chiding and ridiculing her for claiming to have become a Born-Again Christian yet  a few years ago she was so involved in the secular world,  was known for dressing seductively and indulging in all sorts of earthly indulgencies, to the extent that he nude pictures and videos leaked on social media.



However, ever since Desire proclaimed  that she had seen and embraced Jesus Christ, her lifestyle changed dramatically whereby stopped singing secular music, started dressing decently, on top of avoiding night clubs  bars.

However, her change in lifestyle  came  as a shock and surprise to many  of her followers and fans, whereby whereas some  lauded  her for the reformation, there were many who sneered and others who scoffed at her, saying it would be a matter of days before she backslid.

But Desire has kept strong to her Christian faith for a long time and despite the judgmental comments from some of her disgruntled fans, she seems  ready to stand steadfast  in her beliefs.

Desire Luzinda back in the day

“ [ John 7:24] Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment…..

The world is very judgmental but the body of Christ is beseeched to love without judging no matter the circumstances.  Stop judging basing on what meets the eye,” Desire tweeted on Tuesday morning, as if letting it be known that she is tired of being judged by people.

Desire is currently based in the United States of America, where he relocated  to after falling out bitterly with army man Juma Seiko, over the paternity of her daughter Michelle Luzinda.

Desire Luzinda’s tweet about people judging her

Whereas Seiko claimed Michelle is his daughter, Desire refuted his claims and asserted that the child’s genuine father is Kampala businessman Michael Kaddu and since then there erupted bad blood between her and Seiko.



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