‘You Will Cause Genocide’- EU Delegation Warns Bobi Wine Against Sectarianism

‘You Will Cause Genocide’- EU Delegation Warns Bobi Wine Against Sectarianism

By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

The European Delegation, led by Ambassador Attilio Pacifici, on Thursday visited the National Unity Platform (NUP ) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, for a private meeting at his home.

Chief among the issues they discussed during the meeting, was the possibility of genocide erupting in Uganda, if Bobi Wine does not stop his supporters from spreading sectarianism through videos and audios being circulated on social media.


“We cautioned  him against sectarian statements made by his supporters to fuel a genocide in Uganda,” a statement released by the EU delegation shortly after the meeting said.

The statement added that; “The delegation also reaffirmed its commitment to peace and stability in Uganda and condemns aby acts of violence as means of achieving political objectives. We, therefore, call all parties to refrain from violence and making statements that may incite violence and all electoral contestation to be addressed by the courts.”

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (c) shortly after his meeting with the EU Delegation

Informing  the nation about the meeting, Bobi Wine wrote thus on social media;  “This morning we hosted the European Union delegation in Uganda. At the meeting, we appreciated the EU for supporting Uganda’s efforts towards democratization and the greater respect for human rights. We reiterated the position which we have maintained from the start that we are a non-violent political organization, but added that peace must as of necessity be accompanied by justice.”

He added that; “Ugandans are demanding for transparency and accountability after the January 14th election and we shall continue using all lawful avenues to reclaim and assert the will of the people. We hope that all Ugandans and friends of Uganda will continue to push for these timeless values in word and action- democracy, good governance and the rule of law.”

It should be noted that it has become common especially on social media for some NUP supporters to label people with different political views as foreigners, or people from what they deem to be enemy tribes as agents of no-change, something that left many Ugandans on tenterhooks, especially those from western Uganda, who are seen as benefiting from the government at the expense of other Ugandans.


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