“You’re Dumb, Forever Will Be” – Ykee Benda Trolled For Comments About Police Brutality

“You’re Dumb, Forever Will Be” – Ykee Benda Trolled For Comments About Police Brutality


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

They say social media streets are slippery and you have to walk them with utmost care otherwise you will slip and fall into unfriendly territories that will make you regret saying whatever you said, prompting you to delete your posts.

On Tuesday, singer Tugume Wycliffe, popularly known as Ykee Benda, has been dragged on the streets of Twitter after his tweets about Police brutality in Uganda did not sit well with some users.


In the tweet, Ykee calls a one Kelvin Omukungu ‘clueless’ after he wondered when the Kireka boy has ever used his voice to fight against Police brutality in Uganda, the same way Nigerian celebrities use theirs during the #EndSARS protests.

“So Police is killing the youth in Uganda? Quick to make judgements without understanding what is really happening in Nigeria. #Clueless,” Ykee replied to the tweet.

What followed was a string of insults in quotes and replies from Ugandans who felt that his lack of knowledge of Police actions in Uganda or his pretence thereof is insensitive, as several Ugandans have lost their lives because of Police brutalising them.

One user identified as @_Shadear_ replied with a meme that said, “You were an idiot, you still are, and you will always be,” and when the ‘Munakampala’ singer tried to come back from that, the user added, “That saying is so embarrassing. You are admitting to being dumb and dragging me along [..].

Ykee Benda’s tweet that sparked off trouble for him

“You tweet dumb things and expect smart people to be civil with you. Everyone’s trying to make you get the point you’re missing but you are just continuing to embarrass yourself.”

Another user, King Solomon (@solomonkibz) tweeted, “You can’t just mock Ugandan youths that have lost their loved ones on the expense of the police and LDU. Ykee Benda toyita basilu nnyoo olwokuba bakuwa obukulembeze.

This can be loosely translated to mean “Don’t take us for fools because you were given leadership.”

In the past few days, Ugandans on social media have called out Ugandan celebrities to emulate their Nigerian counterparts in using their voices to speak about injustices in the country.



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