Zahara Totto Crowned K’la’s Top Man Eater As NBS TV Star Changes Men Like Knickers

Zahara Totto Crowned K’la’s Top Man Eater As NBS TV Star Changes Men Like Knickers


By Mable Nakibuuka

Popular NBS TV host Zahara Totto, who hosts the UNCUT gossip show,  has been ironically crowned as Kampala’s top Man Eater by many of her fans, who have observed the way she changes men like knickers!

This comes after Zahara, who reportedly has four kids from different fathers, expanding her sexual network to include men from all walks of life.

According to our Moles, Zahara, who is one of the renowned city bed-hoppers, has sampled a long list of Livewires and she is currently feasting on that of Ugandan South Africa based Sangoma Don Bahati.

Zahara and Don Bahati are painting the city red with passion these days as they enjoy their newly found love, often indulging in Public Display of Affection whenever and wherever they can find.

The two recently shared Snapchat videos on social media in which they filmed  themselves ferociously swapping saliva as they chewed each other’s lips.


Don Bahati cuddling with Zahara Totto

Robert Rauben

But it should be noted that before hooking up  with Don Bahati Zahara was doing a dude identified as Rauben, who is one of their baby daddies.

Zahara Totto with Robert Rauben


Tony Laban Suleman aka Don Solo

But while she was doing Don Solo, Zahara is also said to have enjoyed a fling with once flamboyant socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White for some time, although they parted ways shortly after she was done with him.


Bryan White

She reunited with Rauben as a last resort after falling out with her Nigerian lover only identified as Don Solo, who she allegedly accused of cheating on her with  several babes who he used to bang from their apartment.

Zahara Totto enjoying a private moment with Bryan White


Don Nasser

Zahara seems to follow the money and she is said to have enjoyed kinky marathons with loaded socialite Isaac Nduhukire aka Don Nasser, before she moved in with Don Solo.

But like many of  the  men on her Livewire network she did not last long with Nasser too, especially after he stopped opening his wallet for her; Moles intimate that she simply closed the leggos.


Joel Samuel Yiga

This one is a UK based Ugandan music promoter who is said to be one of Zahara’s baby daddies. However, he parted ways with Zahara a few years back after realising that he could no longer handle her voracious appetite for Livewires and endless rendezvous with city dudes whenever he was away on kyeyo. Of course the list goes on but let’s stop here for now.

Zahara Totto with her former lover Joel Yiga

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