Zari Dancers Thrill Revellers At Comedy Store With New Jam ‘Dike’

Zari Dancers Thrill Revellers At Comedy Store With New Jam ‘Dike’

By Ivan Mwine

Talented teenage Ugandan performers the Zari Dancers Africa, who recently dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Dike’, on Wednesday evening staged an energetic performance at this week’s Comedy Store session, which left revellers overwhelmed.

The Zari Dancers doing their thing on stage

Going by what happened during the show, it is  apt to say that revellers experienced unprecedented entertainment from the Zari Dancers, because they treated them to happiness which was nothing like they had ever experienced  before.

The Zari Dancers drove the crowd wild the moment they stepped on stage to perform, an indication that the audience had already been anticipating them.

They drove the audience into a frenzy when they performed their latest songs ‘Dike’ and ‘Kelewa’, which they blended with other acts.

In essence, the Zari Dancers brought a whole new feeling to Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store show and by the time they left stage, the audience was still yearning for more of them.

The Zari Dancers are a Ugandan group of entertainers signed to Black Market Records, who have over time proved that they are setting a trend like none, especially because of the way they are using their talents to make a difference in their lives and those of other teenagers in Uganda.

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