Zari Directs Sangoma Choppa To Delete  Instagram Page He Opened In Her Name

Zari Directs Sangoma Choppa To Delete  Instagram Page He Opened In Her Name

By Ivan Mwine

It might have ended between South Africa Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and Sangoma G.K Choppa but it is not yet over.

Word from our Moles indicates after dumping Choppa, Zari is ensuring that she does not keep any ties with him and as you read this,  she has since ordered him to delete an Instagram page known as ‘Zari Boss Lady Fan Club’, which he had opened during the  time they were still dating.
Zari Hassan and GK Choppa kissing before she dumped him

Moles reveal that Choppa opened up the said Instagram page and was using it to update his followers by sharing photos of him and Zari together.

However, Zari is convinced that the  Instagram page is a threat to her brand and as a result, she either wants it pulled down or  its name changed.

Zari Hassan on a night out with a lad

“Will be nice is you change the name of the page from ‘Zari’ to something else,” Zari wrote on Instagram, a post she shared with a snapshot of Choppa’s page.

It is not yet clear whether Choppa followed Zari’s directives but efforts by our Moles to search the page have on Instagram have so far proved futile, although there are other pages similar to it.

Choppa and Zari enjoyed a brief romping spree that started late last year and ended early this year.

Zari directed Choppa to delete an Instagram page with her name

During their heydays Zari and Choppa used to paint the streets of South Africa red with passion as they enjoyed romantic moments.

At the height of their romantic sprees, Choppa had moved into the crib that Zari used to share with her baby daddy Diamond Paltnumz but after she dumped him she evicted him from their crib.

Meanwhile, we shave have  established that Zari, who has over the years been in and out of several relationships, is nowadays enjoying cozy rendezvous with a yet to be identified lad.

Watch this space for details!

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