Zari Hassan New Lover Shakib Cham’s Secrets Leak, Linked To ‘Wangi’ Star Nina Roz

Zari Hassan New Lover Shakib Cham’s Secrets Leak, Linked To ‘Wangi’ Star Nina Roz

By Ivan Mwine

We promised you recently that our Moles are steadily digging up all the dirt  in a bid to unearth the past life of socialite Zari Hassan’s new toyboy lover  Shakib Lutaaya aka Shakib Cham.

Well, the latest we have from our Moles will shock you to the bone marrow, because, just like they say, people really come from far.
Zari Hassan swapping saliva with new lover Shakib

Indeed, Shakib, who is nowadays flossing around and flying in chartered planes courtesy of Zari, is a dude who was badly off some time back and people who knew him then can’t almost believe he  is the same lad they see today.

Anyway, this is because, Moles reveal, before he relocated to South Africa, Shakib was a video vixen in Kampala and was at one time dating Ugandan diva Nina Roz of the ‘Wangi’ fame.

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham are deeply in love

It is said that during those days Shakib was so broke that  at one time he was hired to be a vixen during one  of   Nina Roz’s video shoots and he ended up fighting for  a rolex at the set because he was too hungry to even look into the camera.

Anyways, Moles reveal that after hustling in Kampala for several years without   registering any change in lifestyle, Shakib managed to borrow some money from friends and relatives which he used to relocate to South Africa where he started up a new life.

He had been living a quiet life, doing his hustle steadily until early this year when he got swept off his feet by Zari’s stunning beauty and  we can only hope their relationship doesn’t end up in tears.

Zari, who  is  a mother of five kids with two from Tanzanian musician Diamond  Platnumz, hooked Shakib after  she had dumped her former lover Sangoma G.K Choppa.

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