Zari Hassan’s Toyboy Maxxie ‘Chews’ Slay Queen Khamara Like Popcorn

Zari Hassan’s Toyboy Maxxie ‘Chews’ Slay Queen Khamara Like Popcorn

By Ivan Mwine

Socialite Zari Hassan’s Toyboy Maxim GK Steurbaut popularly known as Maxxie  Kizito, whom she reportedly enjoyed a few days ago when she landed in Uganda for a short  holiday, is said to be chewing another babe identified as Kamara Ashan.

He was smoked out by our Moles at a social event  that was held  in Kampala a few days ago, where he showed up with Khamara and together they enjoyed themselves to the fullest, until later in the night when they  sauntered away arm in arm.
Maxxie Kizito and Khamara Ashan enjoying a bottle of Bellaire

Meanwhile Moles intomate that Khamara is a single mother of one although she keeps details about her baby daddy, who is a Mzungu, a top secret.

Maxxie, who appeared in pictures on social media in which he was seen enjoy cozy moments with Zari a few days ago,  was some time back some time back dating TV star Sheila Saltoft aka Salta and they .

Maxxie with Sheila Saltoft when they were still in deep love

During the time they were dating, Salta and Maxxie often painted city bars red with passion as they often put up steamy Public Displays of Affection (PDA).

However, the two seem to have parted ways, going by the rate at which he is drilling city babes like he is on a tight deadline.

Maxxie cozying up with Zari Hassan as they sip champagne

 It should however be noted that besides appearing in Ugandan music videos and hounding bars on a daily, Maxxie, who was some time back running singer Jose Chameleone’s bar, is not  known to be actively employed or involved in a straight-up business venture.

Maxxie and Salta in a group photo with Jose Chameleone and pals

But that doesn’t stop city slay queens from yearning for him because   most of them  have the notion that he is verry loaded since he is a Mzungu whom they usually see hanging around celebrities.

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