Zari Shows Off Fruits Of Her Boob Job

Zari Shows Off Fruits Of Her Boob Job

By Mable Nakibuuka

Ugandan socialite cum Slay Mama Zari Hassan, who is based in South Africa, has finally showed off the results of her boob job.

Word has been going around for a long time that Zari underwent a very expensive boob job is South Africa, which  is the secret behind her juicy boobies, which have remained firm for decades, despite the fact that she is a mother of five!

Unlike several mothers like Winnie Nwagi, whose boobs become tired and slacken after breastfeeding only one child, Zari’s boobs have become the envy of many women because they have never lost shape.

Zari Hassan without braces

However, although word on the wire is that she underwent  a boob job, Zari trashes such rumours and that the secret behind her boobs, which are firmer than those of most virgin girls in Uganda, is because she wears braces.

Zari made the revelation on Sunday night when she tweeted a picture in which she is seen cupping her very delicious boobies, which she captioned thus; “When I started wearing my braces about 3 years ago it seemed like forever that I’ll never achieve my goal but look at me now. Lesson: it’s never too late to get that degree, it’s never too late to buy that house or acquire that car at 65.  #ItsNeverTooLate ….Blessed week ahead”

Sexy Zari Hassan

Braces are women’s clothing which are worn instead of bras to help a woman keep her breasts in shape.

Well, if Zari has been wearing braces for the past three years and her boobies are that shapely, then perhaps some celebrities like Anita Fabiola, Winnie Nwagi and others could pick a cue from her.

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