Zari, Toyboy Lover Shakib Cham Enjoy Romping Spree In Nairobi

Zari, Toyboy Lover Shakib Cham Enjoy Romping Spree In Nairobi

By Ivan Mwine


South Africa based Uganda socialite Zari Hassan and her new  lover Shakib Lutaaya popularly known as Shakib Cham are out to  enjoy themselves without fear or favour to anyone.

Our Moles reveal that Zari and Shakib flew to Nariobi, Kenya, over the weekend, where she held an all-white party.

The Moles intimate however that during their time in Nairobi Zari and Shakib took off time to enjoy themselves ferociously.

Zari Hassan and lover Shakib Cham enjoying themselves at the All White Party

“The couple was often spotted swapping or squeezing each other in a very wanton manner,” one of the Moles revealed to this website.

It is said that after their party, Zari and Shakib were chauffeured back to their hotel, where they enjoyed even more steamy moments until later in the evening when they checked out.

Ever since  they hooked a few months back Zari and Shakib have    been literary painting  the streets of South Africa and Uganda red with passion.

Zari and Shakib chartered a private chopper to ease their movements in Nairobi, Kenya

Zari, who is a mother of five with two kids from Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and three from her late hubby  Ivan Ssemwanga, hooked up Shakib after she dumped her former South Africa based lover Sangoma G.K Choppa, who is nowadays said to be beefing Shakib.

Moles intimate that because of this beef between them over Zari, Shakib has since acquired an armed police bodyguard who is  responsible for his security whenever he is in Uganda.

GK Choppa with Zari Hassan before she dumped him for Shakib

However, it is not yet clear whether Zari plans to make her romping with Shakib officials or it will up as a fling, just like she has done with  several lads in  the past, among them Isaac Lugudde, Pharouq Ssempala, King Bae, Dark Stallion, among others.

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