Zari Vows To Drop Tot For New Toyboy Lover Dark Stallion

Zari Vows To Drop Tot For New Toyboy Lover Dark Stallion

By Ivan Mwine

South Africa based socialite Zari Hassan is not about to give up on making babies.

Despite being a mother of five, we have learnt that the gorgeous socialite has vowed to drop a baby for her new lover only identified as Dark Stallion.

Apparently, Zari, who has kids with her late hubby Ivan Ssemwanga and ex-lover Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician, is going around telling all and sundry that she has to do everything possible to ensure that her relationship with Dark Stallion stands the test of time and becomes fruitful.

Zari Hassan with new lover Dark Stallion

We recently told you of how Zari rented her sons an apartment in South Africa, such that they could create space at her home and give her a chance to enjoy Dark Stallion’s Wire without fear or favour to anyone.

She later went into talks with Diamond in a bid to grant him more access to their two kids, such that they could stop meddling in her romantic moments with Dark Stallion.

Zari Hassan with Diamond Platnumz during their heydays

Well, both moves seem to have pulled off without attracting any suspicion since after getting rid of Ssemwanga’s sons and Diamond’s tots she nowadays enjoys the luxury of attacking his adversaries without feature or favour to anyone!

Prior to hooking up Dark Stallion, Zari, who is Ssemwanga’s widow, was fervently enjoying a model she only identified as ‘King  Bae, whom she later dumped after learning that he enjoys Side B more than the River Between.

She braved cold nights and lonely days for a long time until she finally met Dark Stallion, who has quenched her thirst for romance and satisfied her hunger for love.

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