Zari’s Lover Shakib Raises Eyebrows After Being Seen Cruising Around With Armed Police Bodyguard

Zari’s Lover Shakib Raises Eyebrows After Being Seen Cruising Around With Armed Police Bodyguard

By Ivan Mwine

It is not yet clear whether there is someone who want to harm socialite Zari Hassan’s new lover Shakib Lutaaya aka Shakib Cham or its just swag, because the way he is marauding around with an armed cop has started raising eyebrows.

Moles reveal that Shakib was a few days ago spotted cruising around town in company of his armed police bodyguard, who was wielding an automatic assault rifle.

A few days ago we revealed how Shakib had been assigned an armed police bodyguard, despite the fact that the police are not mandated to offer private security services to civilians.

Shakib posing for a photo with cops recently

So many concerned officials, including senior security officers, are wondering why and how Shakib, who is not even a renowned businessman in Uganda, was assigned a police officer as his personal body guard.

It should be noted that in the past, several socialites, among them Bryan Kirumira aka Bryan White, Charles Oryem aka Sipapa,  Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga and others have been assigned armed cops and soldiers who however ended up misbehaving especially among the public.

Shakib was spotted cruising this posh ride with an armed police bodyguard in the co-driver’s seat

It should be noted that Zari, a mother of five, hooked up Shakib early this year after dumping her former lover Sangoma G.K Choppa.

Zari, who has two kids from her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian musician, and her ex-husband the later Don Ivan Ssemwanga, is said to be sharing her crib in South Africa with her current sweetheart Shakib.

However, she sparked off a lot of criticism from followers on social media who fault her for dating Shakib, a lad who is fit to be her son, although it seems no amount of criticism can move her.

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