Zari’s New Lover Dark Stallion Takes Over Diamond Platnumz Bedroom

Zari’s New Lover Dark Stallion Takes Over Diamond Platnumz Bedroom

By Mable Nakibuuka

Socialite Zari Hassan’s new lover Richard Johnson aka Dark Stallion, whom she hooked up a few months back, is fast becoming a dominant figure in her life and of course, bedroom matters.

We recently revealed how Zari had decided to move in with Dark Stallion at her crib in South Africa.

Well, our Moles reveal that the couple enjoyed a weekend of endless romping  and as if to prove to the world that he is currently the best thing to ever happen in her life, Zari shared pictures of her with Dark Stallion in bed.

However, what raises eyebrows is that although she is seen wearing a gown, Dark Stallion is seated in her bed half-naked, an indication that they had just enjoyed a steamy romp.

Dark Stallion sleeps in the same bed Zari shared with Diamond Platnumz

That would have been fine, because being lovers, the two are expected to enjoy steamy romps.

But what is raising eyebrows is that Dark Stallion has since taken over the bed and bedroom Zari used to share with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, since nowadays he is the of  house.

Zari, separated with Diamond, a famous Tanzanian singer, a few years back after she accused him of cheating on her with a multiplicity of babes and secretly siring kids with them behind her back.

Zari Hassan and Dark Stallion at the beach over the weekend

She later hooked up a South African actor identified as Cedric Anthony Faourie aka King Bae but their romping was short-lived after  Zari discovered that although he was chewing her Sumbie,  the dude also ascribed to the LGBT fraternity.

After their separation Diamond hooked up Kenyan radio personality Tanasha Donna, with whom he produced a child but they later parted ways after she accused him of cheating on her too.

But despite their separation, Diamond is still on good terms with Tanasha and  a few months ago she travelled to Tanzania to take his son such that he could have  a daddy moment with his father.


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