Zari’s New Lover Shakib Is Bisexual, I Swallowed His  Solido:- S. African Homo Makes Shocking Confession

Zari’s New Lover Shakib Is Bisexual, I Swallowed His Solido:- S. African Homo Makes Shocking Confession

By Ivan Mwine


South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is nowadays, who has two kids with former lover Diamond Platnumz, aa Tanzanian musician, is romping  away with new catch Shakib Lutaaya aka Cham.

Well, it appears that although he is currently enjoying the limelight and Zari’s sweetness without fear or  favour  to  anyone, Shakib is a man who , figuratively speaking, has lots of skeletons in his closet.

Well, on Tuesday we revealed on this website how Shakib was a video vixen who was dating singer Nina Roz and that at one time he reportedly fought for a rolex during a video shoot.

Well, after unveiling a bit of his past, our Moles have dug  up, like we promised,  more shocking secrets about Shakib.

Chokuu’s post about having dated Shakib before met Zari

It so happens  that whereas he is enjoying Zari’s Sumbie nowadays, Shakib seem to be  a man who also enjoys Side ‘B’ or he is rather Bi.

This shocking revelation was brought to light last night by self-confessed South African  transgender man Chokuu, who claims to have dated Shakib a few years back when he was still hustling in Tanzania.

Shakib Cham and lover Zari Hassan enjoy a romantic moment

Chokuu, who is thrilled by the fact that he once enjoyed the  man that Zari is enjoying nowadays and has no problem with being her ‘co-wife’, posted nude photos of Shakib on Instagram with the  caption;

“The Boy is Not from South Africa, he is from Kampala Uganda. I once dates him in Mombasa back then. He is  bisexual…and I do have him on Facebook and here on ig as a friend. I can’t believe I shared Same D***with Zari Bosslady…”

Chokuu the homo who confesses swallowing Shakib’s Cassava

However, Shakib has to date not come out yet to either  refute or admit Chokuu’s allegations.

But it should be noted that this  is not  the first bisexual man that Zari, a mother of five, is dating.

A few years ago Zari was passionately inn love with a male model identified as Cedric Anthony Fourie aka King Bae, but their relationship was short-lived after he turned out to  be bisexual.

Watch this  space for more of Shakib’s hidden secrets.

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